Going to give this blog thing a try…


Well folks – it is a new school year!   I have a new classroom  –with a window I might add (after 13 years being without natural light) AND…I have decided to try this blog thing.  Actually, my web host, WordPress, is technically mostly set up for blogging.  But,  it has some cool web page features – which is pretty much how most people use my website up until now.  But…with a new school year.. and some natural light bringing some extra Vitamin D into my brain, I am going to try to regularly blog.  Hope I don’t mess it up.

So…with that said, this first blog will be kind of a “test”.  Not much content.  Nothing exciting.  Just blogging to see how this all works.  I promise however that if this little entry actually finds its way onto the world-wide web, I will try to continue some regularly blogging.  I think I will shoot for at least once a week…..I’ll squeeze a post in between shuttling our sons between activities and feeding my closet reality TV fascination.

One more thing…I follow many, many blogs myself.  I fully intend to tell you all about them, but not here.  Not on this test post.  But, one great way to follow blogs and get informed when there is a new post, is to start an account with Google Reader.  Just go to www.google.com/reader – and get a free account. If you have a yahoo email like I do, you can even sign in with this.  It is kind of like a blog organizer.  You can “subscribe” to all the blogs you want to follow and when you log onto your Google Reader account, they will be listed and if there are new posts – you will see the blog name bolded.  It is quite cool – I follow 28 blogs – almost all of them about speech-language, social-emotional skills, teaching with technology or autism.  Try it out and add my blog as your 1st subscription!   🙂

One last thing…did you notice the new website design here?  Yeah….thought I would spice it up.  I am hoping that in my efforts to shake it up a bit this year, I don’t confuse my loyal website visitors!  Hang in there….everything from the site is still here…just…more colorful

Hopefully this message posts!  Here we go….pressing “Publish” now…..  ready…..set…..go!

More to come….


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