Resource for using Children’s Literature to support Language Skills


This past summer I have found several educator and SLP blogs and online resources that I have been excited to use this school year.  If you are an educator, speech-language pathologist (SLP) or a parent who uses children’s literature to support a variety of language skills – you must check out this website/blog.  The blog is called:   all4mychild. 


This site is created by two SLPs and an OT (Meghan Graham, Jill Perry and Karen Head) who work collaboratively in Massachusetts in private practice, and focus specifically on using technology in work with kids and will soon be developing their own apps for the iPad,  – the first one called, “Social Adventures” – to be released this month. 

BUT, one of my favorite aspects of their site is on a tab called, books4all .   The bloggers highlight a children’s book and offer a detailed description of therapeutic activities that can support a variety of language skills such as vocabulary, grammar, narrative skills, sequencing, concept development and even articulation.  Currently they have about 25 children’s books highlighted with great teaching ideas!

Check out this site!  The web address is:    If you want to view the children’s literature part, click on the 2nd tab in the bar labeled, BOOKS4ALL 

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Best wishes…Jill



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