Online interactive Halloween themed Language games


Hello all – here are a few Halloween language-based games I found online… Enjoy!  Jill game is a haunted house “I Spy” type of game.  You are given clue to locate a specific item in various rooms of a haunted house. It might be a fun game to work on cause-effect or prediction with very young children – as you click on various objects around the room, they each do something like spin, show a little Halloween creature behind it, etc.  Note:  some of the vocabulary is very “British” in nature, and may not be familiar to American children,
Boo! is fun online game that can be a fun reward for kids who are targeting working memory skills. It’s patterned after the old Simon game where you have to follow a pattern to win.  It starts out very easy, but then quickly will move to 5+ part sequences to process.
This is a fun game to work on visual tracking and memory.  It is kind of like the old game where a ball is hidden under 1 of 3 cups that are rapidly mixed up.  Kids need to watch the moving Frankenstein heads closely because one of them has a brain under it!This fun Halloween game for kids will challenge your mind while you have fun playing it.
Compare the two spooky pictures and point out the differences in this g Halloween game for kids.
An interactive quiz in a multiple-choice format to teach kids about trick or treating safety.  My students remember this quiz every year and ask to watch it every October.  But, beware, when you choose the wrong answer, the skeleton face that comes up make a louder noise and can be a bit scary for younger kids.  I usually tell kids about it first, and then show it to them several times until they get used to it an actually think it is funny.

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