Christmas Themed Conversation Starter Game


Well, I have pretty much been obsessed with the website, Teachers-Pay-Teachers, lately.  If you have not checked out this site, you should definitely put this on your “Someday-I-Will-Check-This-Resource-Out” TO DO list.  Doesn’t everybody have a TO DO list labeled with the word, “Someday” in there?  I also have a wire basket on the lowest shelf behind my desk that is my “Someday-To-Read basket.

Back to the Teachers-Pay-Teachers site – this site has WONDERFUL resources – and many of them are FREE!  In fact there are more than 16,000 free downloads right now!  You can search for resources by grade level and content area to narrow your search.  Sign up for an account so you can track the items you want to use someday. I haven’t actually “purchased” anything on this site yet – I am finding so many great free resources to begin with!  I use the “Wish List” option as a way to kind of “bookmark” the materials I would like to use at some point.  The web address for this site is:



I wanted to share a couple of items I came across on my web hunting that I used last week in sessions with some of my elementary aged social language kids.  I found 2 resources from this awesome website that I joined to make a fun Christmas-themed conversation starter game.

The first item is a game board I found as  Free digital download on the Teachers-Pay-Teachers site, developed by the fabulous bloggers, First Grade Fanatics!  ( This is an open-ended game board with yummy looking holiday cookies – players need to move pawns from the cookie sheet to the plate of cookies.  There are task cards provided in the download – you just provide some pawns to move!  Here is the link for this download and a picture of the game board:



Then, I used some Christmas-themed Conversation Starters I also found as a free download from the Teachers-Pay-Teachers site.   These conversation starters are in the form of the question, “Would you Rather____ or _____?”  These cards were designed by  Rachel Lynette who has several blogs, most notably a blog called, Minds in Bloom – a blog with ideas for facilitating creativity and critical thinking skills.  (  Rachel has several years of experience as an elementary age teacher, most notably in technology and gifted/talented arenas.  She has a great blog and wonderful resources at her Teachers-Pay-Teachers “store”.

Here is the link and a photo of the questions:




To play, I cut part the question strips and put them in a Christmas stocking I brought from home.  The student would draw a question from stocking and ask the question to the other players, allowing time for each person to respond.  Then, they would draw a task card from the Baking Cookies game, and move their game piece as directed. 

The kids loved this activity!  I hope you have fun with them too!  Jill



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