Sequence cards for Re-telling – iPad story App: “Cooper’s Big Hug”


Hello all – a quickie post here tonight as I get ready to get the sons to bed…..

Hallmark has some wonderful interactive storybook apps for the iPad.  One darling story is called, “Cooper’s Big Hug” – the story of a little bear on the search for a way to show his mother how much he loves her.    I created some sequence pictures from screenshots on my iPad, and a word bank to guide the re-telling narrative for students.  This story is also fairly “loaded” with the /k/ and /g/ sounds (“big, hug, cooper, frog, acorn”, etc.), so I plan to use this with a little articulation kindergarten friend working on these speech sounds at the sentence level currently.

So – here is a PDF of the sequence pictures and word bank:

Cooper Big Hug



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