New Workshop for 2012-2013: Executive Function Skills!


Hey all – I have been researching, reading, writing, and working on my newest workshop.  Here it is:

NEW!  Facing the Frontal Lobe:  Strategies to Support Executive Function Skills in Students with Planning, Organization, Emotional Control, Working Memory and Attention Needs.  (6.5 hours)

Executive function skills have come to the forefront in the world of education.  Recent research suggests a strong correlation between students’ executive functioning their academic success.  It also has been noted that deficits in executive functioning results in difficulty with organization, time management and task completion, problem solving, on-task behaviors and social interactions.

Participants in the workshop will explore the impact of Executive Functioning on student learning and social interaction.  The workshop is designed for all educators as attention is given to those skills needed by kindergarten through middle school students to be successful in a general and special education classroom.  Participants will learn about the five domains of cognitive skills and will be given resource ideas and strategies that are designed to support strong cognitive skills in students.  The strategies presented focus on skills that promote effective organization and time management, task completion, independent work, student goal setting and accountability.  Additionally, the intervention ideas also provide a foundation to assist student self-monitoring, impulse control and emotional management.    Jill is widely known for her energetic presentation style and for providing teaching ideas that are user-friendly and immediately applicable in the classroom.

If interested in checking my calendar for a workshop for your group, check out the tab on this site called, Jill’s Presentations. 


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