Distracter Blasters!


As I mentioned in my previous post, many of my 4th and 5th grade students have been learning about managing their Attention and Focus skills.  In this post, I am sharing a resource I created to help students learn about ways to manage these distractions – I call them “DISTRACTER BLASTERS!”  In order to create even more excitment about these tools, we used one of those fun, stomp-air-rocket toys, where you stomp on a pedal and a rocket shoots out.  I borrowed one from my friendly OT, and used one that looks like this:

stomp rocket

I created some pictures of various ideas for “Inside the Brain” Distracter Blasters, and “Outside the Brain” Distracto\er Blasters.  I spread the pictures out on the floor. As each child chose a picture, they described how the tool could be used to improve their attention, and what “kind” of Distracter type it would work for.  Then, they got to count down 5 to 1 and proclaim “Distracter Blaster!!!”  as they stomped on the air rocket (hoping to not injure a ceiling tile in my classroom).

Here are the Distracter Blasters:

Distractor Blasters pic

Here is a link to the document:    Distractor Blasters

Have a great time Blasting Off with your students!  Watch the next post for a Self-Monitoring sheet for kids to determine if using a particular Distracter Blaster works for them.

Best wishes… Jill

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