Teach Kids to Ignore…the right way…


As you know, I have been working with kids on Attention/Focus skills – I wanted to highlight another tool I use with my elementary-age kiddos to teach them what “IGNORING” means.  I often find that many of my kids don’t really implicitly understand broad concepts such as, “Use nice words”, “Respect others”, or “Ignore please.”  I find myself needing to really concretely define what these concepts mean – in a way that literally describes what the concept “looks like, sounds like”, etc.  Much of my caseload is composed of students on the autism spectrum, kids with ADD/ADHD, etc – and they need this level of defining.  Simply asking them to “ignore” is too abstract for many of my kids to apply.  They are often the kids who struggle the most with maintaining attention and focus – yet they are also the same students who cause disruptions in the learning of their classmates.  So, I created this little PowerPoint for kids to help them understand in a very direct, concrete way, what “Ignoring” means – how to DO it, and when NOT to do it….

Here are some screen shots from this 13 slide PowerPoint and here is a link for you:  ignoring PPT for kids  Best wishes!  Jill

Ignore SS 1

Ignore SS 2

Ignore SS 3

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