Center for Engaging Autism – a Wonderful new web resource for families and professionals!


Hello everyone!  I wanted to share a wonderful new non-profit  web resource for families and professional advocating for children on the autism spectrum.   The Center for Engaging Autism can be found at:   This family-centered organization offers workshops, consultation services, and facilitates a unique networking and support venue for parents, caregivers and educators.    The MISSION of this group is to….Provide young families living on the autism spectrum the information, strategies and support they need to engage fully in their homes, schools and communities. We are dedicated to building bridges between research, practice and every day life. Here, anything is possible.”  

In addition to providing web-based resources through blogs and articles for families all over the world, the Center for Engaging Autism also provides a variety of workshops for educators and caregivers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Some of the recent workshop opportunities offered include topics such as:  home design with your child with autism in mind, therapeutic toys beneficial for children with autism, engaging young children in early literacy learning, and grand-parenting skills for children with autism.  I am pleased to be invited to present a parent workshop coming up on October 8th from 7-9pm in the Golden Valley, MN area, “Supporting Your Child’s Social Self-Esteem”.  You can access the information at this link:   – I hope to see families, educators, and community professionals at this event to learn how to support children’s development of confidence and self-esteem as they learn how to navigate the social world at school.


Finally, one of the unique aspects of this organization’s work is the commitment to early Literacy development in young children.    You can follow the Literacy blog at to see posts sharing information on starting kindergarten, apps for literacy development in young children,how to find books that are a good fit your child, and reading comprehension strategies, just to name a few topics.  This would be a wonderful blog especially for preschool, early childhood, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade teachers to follow!

I urge you to pass this resource along to friends, families and professionals serving children with autism – this group will keep you informed on latest research, learning opportunities in the Twin Cities area, and provides invaluable networking opportunities for families to engage in supportive learning and conversations together.    Add them to your bookmarks bar at:

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