Video-game obsessed students? Check out Julia Cook’s new book… But, It’s Just a Game!


But Its Just a Game


Does anyone out there have a student or child totally obsessed with playing video games?  Uh…I can definitely join those ranks!  The gentle hum of the Xbox is a regular source of background noise in my own house.   If you also have children – or students – that obsess about video games – have I got a resource to share with you!

My favorite children’s author – JULIA COOK – does it again!  The book, But It’s Just a Game, tackles the issue of video gaming and screen time taking over every aspect of a child’s social life, daily thoughts, and focus/attention skills.   But It’s Just a Game, helps kids understand the difference between a “game controller” and a “life controller.”    I love this metaphor!  I read this book to my 4th and 5th grade social skills group – their conversation quickly revealed an immediate connection with the character, Jasper.  Throughout the story,  Jasper realizes how excessive gaming impacts his participation in sports, performance on his schoolwork, impacts his friendships, and his ability to listen and focus on others, just to name a few.    This book was a springboard for my social skills crew to have an insightful, mature discussion about how gaming impacts their lives.

But It’s Just a Game was also featured on the blog, Moms Everyday.   Julia was featured as a guest blogger to share parenting tips to help kids regain control of screen time and live a more balanced life.  Check out the article here:

This book is a wonderful resource to add to your social skills teaching library!  It is truly a gem for your collection that tackles the topic of gaming and screen time in a way that paves the way for open discussion, decreases defensiveness in kids about this precious commodity in their lives, and teaches kids the importance of living with balance.

        Check it out here:

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