Website for Sharpening Brain Skills – Cranium Crunches


Craninium Crunches homepage

I found a great website for teens and adults to improve their BRAIN HEALTH!  Cranium Crunches  is a website that promotes brain health by offering games that improve processing speed, that can hone your attention to visual detail, and help you practice executive function skills.

The games have a higher level of difficulty, so I think they are best suited for teens or adults.  Here are a few of the games I tried out:

Find It! –  This game works on memory, attention to detail, and searching strategies.  In this game, players find hidden objects in a variety of pictures.

Cranium Crunches Find it

One of These Things is Not Like the Others….   This game works on processing speed and focus/attention skills.  In this game, players try to find a very subtle difference in one of nine pictures

Cranium Crunches What is Different

Find the Difference  – This game works on attention to detail, focus/attention and visual scanning.  There are 3 levels of play for this game, players needs to find anywhere from 3 – 9 changes between 2 pictures.

Cranium Crunches Spot the Difference

Match – This game works on processing speed, visual memory, and adaptability.  An image appears on the screen, and is then quickly replaced with a second image.  Players need to quickly determine if the image matches the previous one by clicking a thumbs up, or thumbs down.

Cranium Crunches Match

Check out this site!  And, be sure to click on their Brain Page link to learn more about brain health and executive function skills.  They also have a fabulous list of Resource Links to organizations that support cognitive development and brain health.

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