Size of your Feelings with Disney Pixar’s Inside Out movie characters


Size of Feelings cover cropped

I saw the movie, Inside Out last week and was practically jumping out of my seat with exhilaration thinking about all of the teaching opportunities this movie brings forth.  I think my teenage sons were a bit embarrassed by me 😉  I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I purchased some Inside Out clip art, and was excited to make something with it… well, here is the next resource!

You can use these visuals to teach students to:

  • expand emotional vocabulary and understand gradations of feelings
  • identify what “size” of a feeling a child is having in the moment, talk about “body” clues that led up to the escalation of a feeling
  • describe a fictional character’s emotions and emotional change from a text or video clip
  • understand mental state emotions such as frustration, feeling ashamed, guilty, disappointed – with overlapping feelings

Get the visuals here and enjoy!  Sizes of Feelings with Disney Pixar’s Inside Out movie characters

Sizes of Feelings Mad

Size of Feelings  more

Size of Feelings Overlapping

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