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I’m on Facebook (finally…)


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Well, I have been sitting here “Liking” so many more Facebook pages of fellow Speech-Language bloggers today as I spend a day off from school blog hopping, Pinteresting, etc.  Well, I finally figured that I should join the Facebook page bandwagon for my professional endeavors.  It took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to do a community Facebook page, rather than a personal Facebook page, but I think I have it (roughly) figured out 🙂

So – find me on Facebook and “Like” me.  Here is the link:

Also, as long as I have your eyes… my Pinterest boards are expanding!  I have 81 boards now, and roughly 65 of them are teaching-related boards.  This past summer, I finally went through my gigantic board that was titled “Social-Emotional Skills” – and broke it up into several boards for more specific skills, such as Perspective Taking, Emotion Management, Body Language/Facial Expressions, Bullying, Listening Behaviors, Friendship Skills, Conversation Skills, Anxiety Resources, Anger Resources, etc.  I have some personal boards on there, but you can select specific boards to follow that fit your professional needs.

You can find my Pinterest boards here: