Cooperative Group Game Ideas

 Game:  Pencil Mini-Golf

Skill this address:  resisting impulses (to peek)

Props:  green construction paper, colored pencils,black marker

How to Play: Have people work together to draw “mini-golf” pathways on 11×13 pieces of green construction paper with black markers.  Paths should be approximately 3 inches in width, and not too complex.  Players get into partners.  Each partner chooses a different colored pencil.  One player closes their eyes, the other player guides the partner through the course with words only (not guiding their hand).   The other player attempts the course with his colored pencil.  The team progresses to attempt another pair’s mini-golf path. 


Game:  Red Handed


Skill this addresses:  reading facial expressions


Props:  One marble


How to Play:  Everyone forms a circle, one person is chosen to be “IT” in the center.   While “IT” closes his eyes, the other players pass a small object (such as a marble) in one fist to the next person while music plays.  After 30-45 seconds, the music stops and IT opens his eyes.  Players all hold both hands out with closed fists.  The players must try to use an “innocent” or un-emotional facial expression  as IT tries to examine people’s faces to determine who has the marble.  IT taps people’s fists to have the person reveal if they are holding the marble. 



Game:  3 Word Story Pass


Skill this addresses:  Topic maintainence, listening


Props:   an object such as a squishy ball, or sensory object that kids can pass to each other.


How to Play:  Everyone sits in a circle.  Each person will add 3 words to a single story as it is passed around the people.  Each person can only add 3 words, then they pass the object to the next person.

Example:  Late last night….a green monster…came into the….grocery story when…an alien laughed…at the mask…


Game:  Referee Round-Up


Skill this addresses:  Students identify good sport and bad sport behaviors


Props:  tissues, puppets (optional)


How to Play:  Before the game,  give each student 5 tissues.  Role play or do a puppet show where you demonstrate good sport and poor sport behaviors.  As students observe a poor sport behavior, they should toss a tissue on the floor to “throw a penalty flag” on the behavior.  When they observe a good sport behavior, they should raise their arms to signal a “touchdown” for good sportsmanship



Game:  Diappearing Act

Social/Emotional Skill this supports:   impulse control (not blurting out answers)

Props:  about 8-10 small objects or toys

How to Play:  There are 3 people needed minimum to play this game.  It can be played with groups up to about 10.  Lay out the objects on a table or mat for everyone to see.  Tell all players that they need to study the objects and remember what it there.  One person is called the “magician”, one person is called the “guesser” and the final person is called the “clue giver”.  The Guesser leaves the room momentarily.  The Magician removes one of the objects and conceals it.  The Guesser returns to the room and examines the objects to determine which object disappeared.  If they do not know, they can ask the Clue Giver to give clues to describe the object.

Game:   The Human Slide Show

Social/Emotion Skill this supports:  body language

Props:  something to serve as a “curtain” such as a bed sheet or blanket

How to Play:        First with the group, brainstorm a list of various “actions” that a person could do, such as:  eating, running, skateboarding, jumping, cheering, dancing, clapping, sleeping, sitting, batting, throwing, catching,  etc.  Put this list on a whiteboard or chart paper for the group to refer to.  Then, each player comes up in front of the group and secretly chooses one action to demonstrate.  The group  leader holds up the “curtain” in front of the person doing the action.  Choose another player from the group to say, “Freeze!”.  The actor freezes the action and the group leader removes the curtain.  Other players refer to the list of actions, trying to guess which action is being demonstrated.

Game:  The Traveling Mystery

Social/Emotional Skill this supports:  impulse control

Props:  8-10 small objects such as blocks, a watch, tape, calculator, etc.

How to Play:  Players sit in a circle facing inward.  Behind his back, the group leader hands difference objective one by one to the player sitting to his left.  The mystery object “travels” around the circle as each player passes it to the next player behind his/her back without looking at it.  Before passing on objection, a player whispers into the ear of the person on his right (the person who passed them the object) what kind of object he thinks it is.  At the end of the line, the object is revealed.

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