All documents are in a PDF File form. Feel free to download them and use them with your students and children! Please note that all of these documents are my own creations. At this point, all downloads are free for anyone to use. I enjoy sharing ideas and materials with families and other teachers, but I expect credit for their creation to remain to me. Thank you for understanding….. Check back often! New ideas and documents will be added to the top of the page periodically! Enjoy!

Double Click on the underlined PDF file name to download and open.

Cooper Big Hug – sequence and re-tell cards to this iPad App storybook

Deserted Island “th” sound game

Idioms about Impulse Control

Asking for Help Discussion Map

Idioms – about eyes

Literature Activity: Inside the House that is Haunted

Dragon’s Halloween activity (4-5-6 part Sequencing and Re-telling)

Describing and Defining Map – visual cue

HOW TO do something – a flowchart visual cue to describe a process or sequence

Jill’s Narrative Rubric

Synonym/Antonym “Sentence Flip” Activity

Vocabulary Preview Chart

Synonym “Scrambled Eggs” activity

Jill’s Storyboard re-telling rubric

Category Acrostics


© Jill D. Kuzma, Minneapolis MN, 2008. All Rights Reserved.
Neither this document nor its concept may be duplicated, distributed, or re-published in any format without written permission from the author/owner.

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