The following websites are great resources. I will more add more sites regularly, so check back often! Also, if you know of a great site that you use, post a comment to me – I would love to share it with others! 🙂 – Michelle Garcia Winner’s website!!!  Check this website regularly for all of Michelle’s books, other books published by Think Social Publishing, Michelle’s blog, and information about upcoming workshops. – The website for the one and only – Incredible 5 Point Scale and other books such as, A 5 is Against the Law, Learners on the Autism Spectrum, A 5 Could Make Me Lose Control, and the new Social Times Newsletter.  – great web resource to purchase products for social skills, academic needs, visuals, sensory tools, etc.   They also have have products to support autism awareness! – storybooks online about various character education and some social skill topics.  Appropriate for younger children. – 4 games about anger.  Helps kids learn what anger looks like, what causes it, and how to calm down. – games as above, but about depression/sadness. – games as above, but about worry/anxiety – short anger movie.  Takes awhile to load. rces/Making_Faces/home.ikml – drop n drag cartoon face activity designed for teaching emotions in schools.– Two emotions games.  Which train is surprised (etc)?  And a memory game where you try to remember the order of the trains, then click on the stall door that you think has the train with the right emotion. – Emotions game where on some screens you can roll your mouse over a face and see the same person change to a different expression. – This website has a simple “Feelings Game” with real faces, and a “Facial Expressions” activity where you can manipulate a cyber face.  Also has other simple learning games. – Short and easy game with cartoon human faces: – Excellent online video with quiz, featuring Thomas-like vehicle characters with living human faces.  Under downloads you’ll find a character emotions pack “for classroom use”. bb26da60d1195a4 – printables with neutral, happy, sad, angry, disgusted and fearful expressions in male and female versions.  Can be printed as domino cards – this is about another aspect of reading faces — following gaze.  Click on “channel 9” for the game LukaHead, then click on “play game”.  You can choose whether the child will be the follower (following Luka’s gaze and clicking on the circle he’s looking at) or whether the child will be the leader (clicking on the circle so Luka’s head will look that way). – website with tons of information on many topics for educators.  The website is created and updated by a group of 4 teachers from the central Florida area. – Linda Hodgdon’s site; you can sign up for free email newsletter too! – website for APC – Asperger Publishing Company – one stop on-line shopping for nearly EVERY book or material related to autism. Or, visit their store in Hopkins, MN fee based, but some great lesson plans, visuals and social stories. – also fee based per item – pretty reasonable, Can purchase a social story framework and it will individualize it for you! – a great company that published Social Skill Video curriculum

www.freespirit.comWonderful vendor of many types of social skill supplies and games.

www.marcoproducts.comWonderful vendor of many types of social skill supplies and games.

www.superduper.comSpeech and language vendor that has many types of social skill supplies and games. a website with character education lesson plans – social story site – an online community designed to bring information on how to live with autism to family, care-takers, educators, medical professionals and others – Autismhangout also offers social networking opportunities similar to myspace and facebook to those with autism – a GREAT website with all kinds of ideas for special education ASD teachers.  A MUST see! –  a nice website explaining the basics of writing and using social stories – a portion of a website sponsored by the Science Museum of MN – an interactive activity in facial expressions and recognition –  many social stories, visual cues, general information about ASD and even some resources about law. – a really fun interactive website where visitors can make their own comic strips choosing from a menu of a variety of characters.  You can insert talking and thinking bubbles and even change the facial expression and body language of the characters you choose! – There are currently more than 300 pages of language activities in 26 areas. – this is a jackpot site for speech-language pathologists! – story read aloud over the phone each week Social Story books by Integration Specialist, Tania Kraus – here are FREE online Autism Internet Modules! They are well done and the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC-ASD) is in the process of adding modules for all the Evidence Base Research they have done on Interventions for students with ASD. There are pre-tests and post-tests, power points, videos and articles to read. – an online quiz about manners – Perspective Taking online exercize for younger children – activities related to dealing with anger – source to purchase picture sequences for daily activities and basic social skills – rules for common playground games, jumprope rhymes, etc. – great site to teach about teasing featuring a cool yellow lab as the star! – great character ed site with social skill topics such as dealing with anger, conflict resolution, saying no, etc. – website by Tania Kraus about social stories and interacive activities for kids – customized social story books for purchase – an interactive online story about learning to get along – a great compilation of several social skills websites – Kelly McKinnon is an expert at social play skills.  Look for articles and video samples here. – site that discusses strategies for behavior management – special education – stories, jokes and current event literature with symbols for early readers. – great resource for parents and educators about many ASD topics – daily web newspaper about autism – great compilation of social skill resources – friendship materials developed by kids – bulling materials developed by kids – a great lunchroom social story – Laura Candler’s website on teaching social skills – great online free newsletter to subscribe to – you MUST check this out.  Very cool interactive learning tools and games to teach about bullying, communication, stress, depression and more!!!!