Have you  heard about Pinterest yet?  This is an AMAZING web resource on many levels!  There is a lot of great application for teachers and therapists to share ideas.  Essentially PINTEREST is like on virtual bulletin board where you can organize online resources to refer back to them later.  It  is kind of like  a visual way to organize your bookmarks.  This way you can “see” what you have bookmarked, to help you remember what it is, rather than a listing of web addresses.  You can set up a PINTEREST account for free, or just view other people’s bulletin boards without having an account of your own.

I have just started establishing my PINTEREST boards.  So far (as of 11/26/2011), I don’t have too many pins on there, but they will grow – so check back often.  Here are the links to mine:

This is a link to all of my boards in one placehttp://pinterest.com/jillkuzma/

Here are links to the individual boards:

ARTICULATION:  http://pinterest.com/jillkuzma/articulation-ideas/

APPS I LOVE (for therapy especially):  http://pinterest.com/jillkuzma/apps-for-kids-i-love/

BOOKS I LOVE (for therapy especially):  http://pinterest.com/jillkuzma/books-i-love/

BLOGS I FOLLOW:  http://pinterest.com/jillkuzma/blogs-i-follow/

RECEPTIVE/EXPRESSIVE LANGUAGE:  http://pinterest.com/jillkuzma/receptive-expressive-language-ideas/

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL:  http://pinterest.com/jillkuzma/social-emotional-teaching-ideas/

I will post other people’s PINTEREST boards that are helpful for our work as educators.  Enjoy!