All documents are in a PDF File form. Feel free to download them and use them with your students and children! Please note that all of these documents are my own creations. At this point, all downloads are free for anyone to use. I enjoy sharing ideas and materials with families and other teachers, but I expect credit for their creation to remain to me. Thank you for understanding….. Check back often! New ideas and documents will be added to the top of the page periodically! Enjoy!

Double Click on the underlined PDF file name to download and open

Comprehension Rubric Primary Grades K-2 – J.Kuzma

Guiding Questions for Comprehension Rubric Primary grades K-2 J. Kuzma

Literature Planning: Martin MacGregors Snoman (L. Broadie Cook) – Comprehension Questions

Student Activity (Sequencing & Comprehension) Lit Unit: Martin MacGregor’s Snowman

Literature Planning: The Great Fuzz Frenzy by J. Stevens

Literature Unit: Welcome Back to Pokeweed Public School!

Riddle of the Week: lighthouse

Riddle of the Week: eyes

Riddle of the Week: Blank Template

The StoryMap Song

StoryMap Elements

Tic Tac Toe Category Game 1

Tic Tac Toe Category Game 2

Tic Tac Toe Category Game 3

Tic Tac Toe X and O markers

Cartoon Comprehension

Literacy Unit: How Chipmunk Got His Stripes

Literacy Unit: The Legand of Slappy Hooper

Literacy Unit: Hi Fly Guy!

Literacy Unit: Mouse TV

Movie Trailer Comprehension: Alvin and the Chipmunk movie (2008)

Movie Trailer Comprehension: Veggie Tale Pirates (2008)

Figurative Language comprehension with book: Patrick’s Dinosaurs on the Internet

WH Question words visual

Comprehension activity with the Book: ToeStomper and the Caterpillars

True and False visual cues

Preview Vocabulary Words chart

Parent Handout: Explaining Inferences

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Neither this document nor its concept may be duplicated, distributed, or re-published in any format without written permission from the author/owner.

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