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Welcome!  This is a site created for teachers and speech language pathologists who work with students on social/emotional skills in the school setting.  Most of the material here is geared for learners from Kindergarten – 8th grade.   Visitors to this site will find teaching tools to download and use themselves, tips for promoting pragmatic language and social-emotional skill success at home, and other useful links and resources.

Many resources and tips on this site relate to helping children increase social perspective taking skills, emotion awareness and management, conversation skills, interpretation and use of non-verbal communication, and to develop friendship and interaction skillsThere are also ideas and information related to receptive and expressive language needs surrounding students who are identified with Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, “high” functioning autism, non-verbal learning disability, ADD/ADHD, and other related social cognitive areas.

Enjoy the site!  My goal is to create and maintain a relaxed, informal – yet informative site for parents and teachers.  Check back often for new additions.Thank you for visiting!

Jill Kuzma

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